Tuesday, February 16, 2010

2.06 The Left Hand

Summary and spoilers

Bennett resumes her torture of Echo. When Echo asks why, Bennett responds with more neural treatments – but she also promises that when they get to the ‘why’, "…that’s when things get really bad." Bennett says Echo damaged her arm – she still wears it in a dark sling – and she makes Echo relive Bennett’s memory of the incident.

Cindy explains very carefully to Perrin how they took a spoiled brat with no ambition and no future – in fact, with a whole lot of ‘no’ except for his pedigree - and created a righteous, successful senator. She also takes the opportunity to tell him exactly how much she despises him.

Meanwhile, DeWitt and Topher have arrived. The plan is to examine Echo and, more importantly, do a brain scan of Perrin to get info on Rossum’s plan. Bennett drugs Echo, so Topher is unable to ascertain what she has been experiencing. Bennett’s boss tries to turn DeWitt away, but DeWitt manhandles him into submission.

Bennett lets Perrin and Echo go, then self-inflicts to make it look like she was bashed. Echo and Perrin takes turns cutting into their necks with a steak knife to remove their embedded GPS tags.

Working together in their web of mutual admiration, Topher and Bennett come up with a way to remotely put Perrin and Echo to sleep. With his eyes on the original prize, Topher manages to convince them that he needs Perrin’s brain map to do this. But Bennett is smarter – and more evil – than that. She discovers Topher’s hacking, then programs Perrin as an assassin to exact revenge on Echo (Echo as Caroline supposedly left Bennett trapped under a pillar during a raid).

Topher knocks Bennett out, then works with Topher/Victor to shut down Perrin before he kills Echo. They are too late to save Cindy; Perrin strangles her.

Perrin’s full purpose now becomes clear. He completely exonerates Rossum and implicates other, unrelated companies in his wife’s death and in a plot to vilify Rossum. Now Perrin can make laws specifically to protect Rossum.

Meanwhile, Madeline has been recaptured by Bennett’s ‘Dollhouse’, and she is about to undergo some Bennett-supervised ‘treatments’.

Echo is still out there, uncaptured, with DeWitt very interested in finding her and bringing her back.

Memorable Moments

Victor’s hilarious imitation of Topher

Dollhouse Quotes

"I can’t stand you – having to be your wife. Letting your touch me. Pretending that when it doesn’t disgust me, it doesn’t bore me. That has been…really hard."
- Cindy Perrin to Daniel Perrin, just before his treatment

Bennett: How do you work it – the disrupter?
Topher: How did you know it was called that?
Bennett: What else would you call it?

Topher 1: Dude, she has a dead arm.
Topher/Victor: Like dead, like in a sling with a glove?
Topher 1: Imagine John Cassavettes in The Fury as a hot chick.
Topher/Victor: Which you know I often have!

Bennett: You hacked into my system…stole Perrin’s brain map.
Topher: You tried to kill Echo.
Bennett: So we’re even?

Topher: Shut up and work.
Topher/Victor: I’m already working! I wouldn’t hold your breath on the shutting up.

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