Sunday, March 15, 2009

Discovering the true reaction to Dollhouse

It's difficult to gauge overall what viewers think about Dollhouse. Searching for news and reviews on the web, I often come across either blatant promotion such as this article for Channel News Asia (they are trying to sell subscriptions to a cable channel that shows Dollhouse) or this article, a real review, but sadly lacking in substance, and, even sadder, near the top of the Google search results.

Regarding the second article...there's no explanation of why the audience will find Dollhouse too confusing. Is it even too confusing to explain why it is too confusing? I suppose it must be.

My feeling is that, yes, the initial concept is unclear, but if the shows are exciting and accessible, there is no need to fully understand and accept the concept. That can happen over time.


  1. I think Man on the Street will be the turning point to the show.

    That's when people will catch on and we'll get our next Whedon cult hit.

    As for what viewers are thinking, I've visited a few dollhouse forums and facebook pages and for the most part people are digging it.

    It was a slow burn but now, with episode 6 in the books, we should be on fire.

    I've been reviewing the show for

    I've kinda been all quirky with my reviews, but I think they're on par on what us Whedon fans are thinking.

    Let me know what you think.

  2. Absolutely, I agree that ep 6 was the turning point. I mentioned that in a later post (link below). Read your review of the ep - nice style, I probably should loosen up a bit and do mine like that and stop being so analytical :)

    BTW, I grew up in New York, and I still like the Mets as much as that is possible - so go figure